What is Health Coaching?

There are many types of coaches in todays society; but, not many focus on coaching people to live a healthier lifestyle. “A health coach is defined as someone who is trained in various dietary theories and can help you find the best lifestyle for you” (Sarah Haskins – US News).  Many Health & Wellness coaches are offering services and filling gaps that many doctors and nutritionist don’t have the time to fill. I myself take it one step further and truly want to focus on all your health-related goals. I am here to not only coach, but truly motivate you to achieve your health-related goals. My coaching skills cover the following areas; nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress management, finding life balance, beauty/anti-aging, meditation and Yoga. My goal is to motivate you to make positive & holistic health choices that will impact your life in a positive way.

We are all bio-individuals. A diet that works for me might not be the diet that works best for you. Physical activity is personal as well. What type of physical activity do you enjoy? Creating a healthy daily routine is about finding what works best for you and what you truly enjoy to make impacting lifestyle changes. 


Kenzie Vathhealth coach