Redefining Wellness

Holistic Umbrella is a wellness-based lifestyle & coaching company offering one-on-one health coaching services, wellness focused workshops, events & retreats. Since I have launched Holistic Umbrella I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to help people find balance with their health & wellness. 

Holistic Umbrella is at the forefront of redefining wellness. I personally define wellness as our ability to live a holistic healthy lifestyle. What does holistic mean? The dictionary defines Holistic as characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explainable only by reference to the whole. In simple terms, Holistic considers the whole person not just a symptom or a label. The whole individual as a unique being. Holistic Umbrella’s model addresses our client’s health concerns with a holistic perspective; we believe in bio-individuality. We ensure our clients are treated holistically to address the root of a cause and improve their overall health & wellness.

Holistic Umbrella aims to be the lead influencer in the wellness space; providing current information, recommendations & products to its followers. So join us under the Holistic Umbrella!