Drink Pink!

For Breast Cancer Awareness month what is more fitting than a pink drink? Highly coveted at our Turbo Kick + Tequila event, we are giving you the recipe to try at home! This Pink Margarita is definitely HU approved as it is very hydrating, healthy (& delicious)!


  • fill up cup with 1-2 inches of ice (depending on size of glass)

  • fill glass with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water to the top of the ice

  • 1- 2 shots of Abres Ojos Silver Tequila

  • fill the rest of the glass up with fresh squeezed lime juice (leave a little room)

  • stir together

  • splash of HH Coconut Water on top

    Sip + Enjoy!

  • *Thank you to our friend Spencer for this wonderful margarita recipe!

Kenzie Vath