3 Ingredient Chocolate Bar

Halloween is around the corner… hello chocolate cravings & getting your sugar fix in.

This recipe is SO easy & satisfies your sweet tooth instantly- in a healthy way!

It is paleo, keto, vegan, gluten free, & sugar free!

What you need:

a chocolate mold, cacao, coconut oil, sea salt

Directions :

  • use 1/4 cacao powder

  • use 1/4 melted coconut oil

  • mix together the cacao & coconut oil

  • sprinkle sea salt on top

  • freeze for 10 minutes

Makes 1 chocolate bar

More ideas:

To spruce it up you can also drizzle in some maple syrup/ almond butter/stevia or add in nuts/seeds of your choice, then freeze!

Warning: It is bitter so add in a 1/2 pack of stevia if you want it to be sweet


To store: I personally finish it in one day, but if you want to be good just store in freezer.

Kenzie Vath