Benefits of Pumpkin Skincare

We know… it’s pumpkin everything season, & with good reason!

You will not regret adding pumpkin into your daily beauty routine. HU is loving pumpkin skincare, here’s why:

  • produces collagen + fights wrinkles (thank you vitamin A & C!)

  • brightens + makes your skin GLOW

  • moisturizes + softens

  • combats redness

  • acne fighting

  • naturally exfoliates dead skin cells

  • regulates sebum- great for oily skin, too!

  • skin healing abilities

    Need we say more? We encourage you to try it out & see the benefits of incorporating pumpkin as a new staple in your beauty routine.

To make it easy on you we even created a HU Approved face mask to make your skin healthy & glowing this season!

Kenzie Vath