A Healthy Holiday: Cravings Be Gone!

This is the time of year that most people’s diet (even me!) get a little out of control. First off, your normal eating habits and activities will change during the holidays. Also,there will be delicious temptation all around you and your mind will start to play tricks on you.

My challenge for you is to take charge of your diet! But don’t get so down on yourself if you slip a little… enjoy that extra glass of wine or that piece of pie! Promise me you will not cloud your mind with guilt. Just make a mental note that tomorrow is a new day- a day to make better, healthier choices.

Here is a little cheat sheet to help get you back on track when the cravings overtake you:

Craving something sweet? Here’s what to eat:

  • fresh fruit

  • sweet potato

  • carrots

  • if it is chocolate specifically: you need magnesium! swap it for nuts, seeds, or legumes

Love carbs?

  • eat PROTEIN!

Greasy or fatty foods?

  • almonds

  • sunflower seeds

  • kale

  • broccoli

  • avocados


  • Seaweed

  • Olives

  • Celery

  • Fish

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

See how it works for you, I know how real those cravings can get.

If you are interested in learning more about staying healthy during the holidays come join us Wednesday, December 5th for our event, A Healthy Holiday. Holistic Umbrella’s owner, Kenzie Vath, Certified Health Coach, will be giving us her tips and tricks for staying healthy during the holiday season. For more details click here

Kenzie Vath