12 Days of Well-Mas

On the 1st day of Well-Mas HU gave to me…

In lieu of the most wonderful time of the year we have put together a list for you to repeatedly achieve for the first 12 days of December! Do it with a partner so you can hold each other accountable & have a healthy, happy, & balanced holiday season!

  1. One cup of peppermint tea (bonus if you add collagen!)

  2. Two 30 second wall sits

  3. Three 45 second planks

  4. Four minutes of meditation

  5. Five push- ups

  6. Six minutes of journaling what you are grateful for

  7. Seven minutes stretching

  8. Eight glasses of water

  9. Nine sumo squats

  10. Ten perfect burpees

  11. Eleven “V” ups

  12. Twelve minutes of a brisk walk outdoors

Kenzie Vath