Random Acts of Kindness Week

Hey everyone! Did you know Feb 11th-17th is Random Acts of Kindness Week? 

I love this for so many reasons but mostly because being kind is life-changing, it's FREE and it's impactful! What is better than knowing you're the reason for the smile on someone's face? 

In order to help you celebrate and get the ball rolling, here are my favorite ways to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week! 

Top 5 things you can do to make someone’s day

1. Tell them what you admire about them!

2. Pay for someone in line behind you!

3. Send a card to an old friend! 

4. Ask to watch an elderly neighbors dog or take him for a walk!

5. Hold the elevator for someone rushing to catch it!

Don't forget, a boost in overall happiness is a boost in overall mental health! When you are happy your body creates more endorphins.  xoxo

Kenzie Vath