Interview with Pure Barre Instructor Katherine Bade

Today we have an interview with our long time friend and total badass/ boss lady Katherine Bade. She not only has a full time corporate job but also has a side hustle of teaching pure barre whenever she can. She will also be joining us for our retreat this February to teach a sculpt fitness class. We are so excited for you to hear her inspirational story. After reading this you will want to head straight to the barre!

+ Please introduce yourself to HU community

Hi guys! My name is Katherine and I am barre instructor and health and wellness FANATIC! But hopefully not in an annoying way? Idk, ask my friends ;) Anyways, I am so thrilled and honored to be talking to the HU community! A little about me…I grew up in Orange County with three older sisters (yes, I know. My poor father!) and as I hit my mid twenties, a lot changed for me. My mom passed away and in the two years leading up to her death, I lived with her and took care of her. Best thing I have ever done! But, after she passed I was at a really strange phase in my life. I ended up quitting my job and moving abroad for about a year. I had spent so much of my time focusing on my mom that I forgot how to focus on me and make the best decisions I could for myself. So, after about a year of living abroad and running away from my problems (let’s just be real, right?), I figured it was time to face the music. I moved home, got me a new job, and started on a journey that I wasn’t really prepared for. My mom was my best friend and not having her made everything just feel harder. I needed to find a hobby. Something that I loved that could help me focus on bettering myself and my life as a whole. I wanted to feel better physically AND mentally! I started eating better, working out, and then I found barre. It may sound silly to say, but this workout changed my life in so many ways! I’ll tell you a little more about that below and I’ll stop here with my favorite saying, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Embrace your fears and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I promise you that you’re stronger than you think :) 

+ When did you get into Pure Barre?

I took my first barre class about 2 years ago! I had just come home for traveling for a year (aka was definitely NOT eating the best) and I desperately started looking for some type of exercise that I actually enjoyed. I was going to the gym probably 4 to 5 times a week but it was so boring to me. Like HATED IT. My sister recommended trying a barre class and the next time she went I joined her. I won’t lie, I was very intimidated taking that first class. It’s like learning a whole new language and I could barely make it through a class but I loved the way that it challenged me. Within the first 2 weeks of taking barre I felt stronger, within the first 4 weeks I saw and felt a difference in my body, and after a month and a half I had people asking me what workout I was doing because of the results!

+ What about PB has transformed your body?

Ohhh you know, just literally everything. I always say that yes, I love how barre has transformed my body, but what I love even more is how it has transformed my mind. Each class, no matter how long you’ve taken, is extremely challenging. It forces you to find this mind body connection that helps you push through the pain, accomplish goals, and just generally kick ass in class. I would never have thought I would be in the shape I am today, and I probably wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for barre! In the short time I’ve been taking, I have gained so much confidence (and muscle, WOO WOO!) from proving to myself that I am stronger than I think and seeing what my body is capable of during class. 

+ What made you want to become a PB teacher?

I fell in love with barre. Hard. One of the reasons I fell in love with barre so hard was because of the amazing teachers. Let me tell you, a barre class is no joke. I have seen grown ass muscley men shake like a leaf! But what gets you through the shake and what makes you embrace the burn, are the inspiring and knowledgable teachers coaching you through the moves and helping you to perfect your form. I wanted to be able to share what I love with a class full of women (and some brave men) and help them find and accomplish their goals. I believe in every single person that walks through that door, because I have been there too! I have a full time job on top of teaching barre, but I take teaching very seriously because of how barre has changed my life. I hope more people can find that change and I am honored to be a part of that journey with my clients! I want to ensure that each class I teach is meaningful and helps you to feel better about yourself because you know you just survived a seriously challenging hour of your day. (Sorry, not sorry for the tough class babes!)

+ What advice would you give to a PB newbie who is intimidated to come take a class?

Dude, I have been there. I was so intimidated and nervous in my first few classes but two things kept me coming back for more. 1. The class is FUN! I’m talking great music, fun choreography, and the energy in the room is infectious. and 2. I left class feeling like I worked muscles I never even knew I had. It made me think, okay, this may actually work. 

The best piece of advice I can give is to do yourself a favor and just COME! Come to class and be ready to work. Know that no one in that room is going to be focused on you, they will be focusing on themselves and waiting for me to call out Final 10 ;) The community around barre is unlike any other. I have met so many incredible women from all walks of life and there is nothing we love more then meeting someone new! 

+ What is your favorite go- to healthy food & fitness tip?

My favorite healthy food is fruit! I have a sweet tooth so I try and avoid the cookies by eating some pineapple or strawberries. YUM! But honestly, every once in a while you just have to eat the damn cookie. If you can control yourself, then enjoy the food you love in moderation. For me, once I started eating healthier I fell in love with how much better I felt. So nowadays, I’d choose a healthy meal over a cheat meal any day of the week! Unless the cheat meal is dessert.

Fitness tips!!! I’ll share two because more is always better, right? 

First, a body in motion, stays in motion. Do something active EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The thing I hear most often is that “I don’t have the time” and I’m sorry but that is a bunch of BS. Everyone has the time and can make the time. You are not Beyonce. (Just a little tough love, you aren’t Beyonce but you are badass). Even if you can only handle a 15 minute walk one day, that is great!! Get in the habit of making the time and you will be amazed at how your life, time management and behaviors change.

Lastly, be selfish. You heard me! Say no to the things that don’t benefit you, and say YES to doing something for yourself! Celebrate your accomplishments and let yourself feel good about taking the time to focus on a healthier you. 

Also, friendly reminder that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy! (Thanks for that sound piece of advice, Elle Woods) 

+ What is your motivation to stay in shape?

Alright gonna get real here again. Losing my mom rocked my world. Although she did everything she could to fight and stay with us as long as she could, after she passed I took a serious look at my life and what was important. (Not immediately because mourning is a real bitch) but after I took stock in what I spent my time doing, I realized I needed to make some changes to focus on a healthier and happier me. Health and wellness has changed my life in more ways than one. For me, physical health means mental health and that has always been my biggest motivation. I love the feeling I get from being active, and I want to do everything I can to live a long and healthy life. On top of that, Holistic Umbrella has always been a source of knowledge and inspiration for me. Surround yourself with people that inspire you and find the companies/brands that speak to you and draw inspiration from them. I’m so thankful for Holistic Umbrella and honored to be a part of their Women’s Self Love retreat this coming February! Can’t wait to meet more of the amazing HU Community this February! 

Katherine will be teaching at our New Year, New You event this Saturday January 5th & at our Self- Love Retreat this coming February!

Kenzie Vath