Chocolate Dream Cloud

This dessert is our best kept secret/ go- to sweet fix & we are excited to be sharing it with you! It is sugar free, & full of protein.


Really, that’s all. Just two great ingredients!


(Follow closely so you can get the right consistency)

  • Bring water to a boil in a saucepan, place a heat safe bowl that you can rest on the edges of the pan, the base of the bowl touching the water.

  • Break the Lily’s chocolate into pieces & place into the bowl.

  • Melt chocolate until it is liquified.

  • Separate the egg whites & egg yolks into different bowls, put yolks into a larger bowl.

  • Beat the egg whites until they are firm & soft peaks form, then beat the yolks until they are creamy & golden yellow.

  • Remove melted chocolate from heat & pour into the egg yolk, mix together.

  • Gradually combine the egg whites folding it into the chocolate mixture, continue folding in until you can no longer see the egg whites & the texture is light & fluffy.

  • Pour mixture into small bowls & set in the fridge for a few ours. Enjoy!

This sweet treat is SO satisfying!

This sweet treat is SO satisfying!

Kenzie Vath