Fire Cider

An Apple Cider Vinegar packet a day keeps the doctor away! We love these to go packets that the Republic of Tea provides. There are TONS of benefits to drinking ACV. Studies have shown that it can promote good gut bacteria, cure candida, balance blood sugar, aid in weight loss, improve immunity, detox the body, relieve constipation, fight acne, regulate pH levels in the body, & so much more! One downside for people may be the taste & smell. The Republic of Tea helps with the taste by adding in organic cranberry & hibiscus into their single sips. This recipe below is amazing to drink during cold season with the added ginger & honey.

We love The Republic of Tea’s Fire Cider Recipe!

Fire Cider:

1 ACV Single Sip Packet

4 oz. water

4 oz. apple cider or juice

2 oz lemon juice

3 slices of fresh ginger, peeled

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Dash of cayenne pepper (or more if you want it hotter)

1/2 tsp honey

Stir together & heat on the stovetop until hot. Pour into a large mug & enjoy sip by sip!

Kenzie Vath