Hi! I'm Kenzie, creator of Holistic Umbrella.

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Holistic Umbrella was created to balance our client's health, wellness, & spirituality to create joy in their personal lives so they can positively impact their community. I decided to focus on wellness events & retreats to make a difference in peoples lives as I believe that health & wellness is the foundation to a happy life.

For most of my life I struggled with my health; from imbalanced hormones, insomnia, depression, to debilitating anxiety – just to name a few. After many years of misdiagnosed illnesses, in 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme’s Disease. Even though I was devastated I felt like this was the answer that I had been tiresomely trying to find for years. Then came the next hurdle to face, treatment. I underwent two round of Lyme treatment within a seven year period. From this experience I became my own health advocate.  I began doing my own research and through trial and error; learning what was right for my body. Finally, I made it to a place where I could manage my symptoms and could smile again. On my journey, I learned how important it was to have support and guidance. It could be achieving a balanced healthy lifestyle, starting a new career or becoming a success in your field; all these take support from others and self-trust in ourselves to achieve our goals.

Come join us under the umbrella to get in tune with yourself & grow into the person you are meant to be!